Tuesday, April 7, 2009

~1st Day of work~ 6th April 09

Huu~ Today was my 1st day of work...
Just back from my company located at Jalan Ampang, finish only half of the rotoscoping job in this whole day, i means these 12hr ... ( And!! just took my bath 2hr ago... )
Luckily my colleague fetch me back, if not i will end up tidur tepi jalan at KLCC thr.. lol
Quite a tough day for me, as it is the 1st time i'm using wacom...Sumore, they use linux instead of windows...Sumore!!! They use Nuke instead of A. Effect... wah~~~ siao liao...

Hmmm... just gimme some time, next month i can use wacom to shoot the cow~!!!
kiddin guys...i belum siao la wei~ *peace*

Btw, I'm working at BasecampVFX


Anonymous said...

ask me along whne u wanna shoot the stupid cow!!

Wayne aka Enoch said...

U play DotA oso?? U must be dun understand the cow i mean..keke!!