Thursday, May 22, 2008

My 1st blog!!! ~22 May 08~

This blog is created in this meaningful day, which a day i received bundleSss of present and bundlesSs of wishing.. Keke...!!!
Everyone is blogging nows day, so i decide not to be LEFT OUT... Anyway, i'm really enjoy today and i'm taking this chance to thank all my beloved oneSs & all my frenSs... Oso hope u guys stay happi happi & healthy healthy~~!!!

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~jacklyn! said...

BB here neh...
haa..i'm 1st people leave comment to dear!!
Congratulation to dear already 21 years old...xixiii
Hope dear will remember the ABC delicious soup and the "sweet sweet" cheese cake ooo....keep BB present and next time let BB see when u wear ooo...
gambateh to all ur job and do the best oo...BB always support u and accompany u..^^
Happy birthday~~~